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Forsyte lawyers the Netherlands

Are you planning to invest in the Netherlands of did you already invest in our country and are you faced with legal problems? With our government? With another entrepreneur? With a supplier? With a customer? With a competitor of someone within your organisation?

We have the knowledge, expertise, dedication and drive to help you. We have an indepth knowledge of Dutch law and we know what your rights are under our law. On your behalf we will try to get a fulfilling solution for you. But if necessary, we will go to court and fight your case. As experienced litigators we stand our ground and we will go the extra mile.

Forsyte Advocaten


If possible we will quote you with a fixed price and in all cases we give you a market-based price. We are transparent and will not give you unpleasant surprises.

Quick & efficient

An early start often makes the difference. Don’t wait, but act and act swiftly.


You want results and with our experience and creativity we will make sure you will get it.

The Forsyte Philosophy

Most people say: “That’s common practice with lawyers.”

Well, not in our case. Our approach is onorthodox.

We use everything we ‘ve got to fight on your behalf.

Our drive, dedication, creativity and experience is yours.

We challenge the status quo.

You deserve a good price

If possible a fixed price, but if that isn’t possible: a good price and no surprises.

There is more than justice

We work onorthodox and will only go to court if absolutely necessary. We prefer negotiations over a long and expensive procedure in court.

You know best

You will stay in control and every move on our side is discussed and agreed by you.


We are dedicated  to give you full service on any legal issue you may have. And in the unlikely case we don’t know the answer to your problem, we know people who do.

How we work

Meet & greet

First we meet off course. We want to get to know you. What does your company do and in what market are you working?


Than we study the papers you gave us.



We will make you an offer you cannot refuse.




When we have a deal everything will be put in writing.


The extra mile

We will go the extra mile to get the best result.



The attorneys are specialised in solving legal issues for entrepreneurs

We have indepth knowledge of employment law, corporate law, company law, real estate law, contract law, arbitration, merges & acquisition, administrative law.

Do you have a legal dispute under Dutch jurisdiction?

Contact us now without any obligation.