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Contract Law

Contract law

As a specialist in contract law we advise and litigate in various contract law disputes. We assist private individuals and companies in various industries including in drawing up checking and negotiating (commercial) contracts, agreements and general terms and conditions.

What is Contract law?

In the Netherlands the law relating to contracts is also referred to as contract law (contractenrecht). Contract law is the result of a unilateral or bilateral legal act between parties. This act can take place between natural and legal persons. A contract is a legally binding agreement that governs and recognizes the duties and rights of the parties to the agreement.

When do you need a lawyer specialized in contract law?

In order to avoid legal disputes it is crucial to properly record agreements in writing. Errors or carelessness can have major financial consequences. Because dutch contract law offers parties a great deal of freedom with regard to the form and content of a contract it is highly recommended to hire a specialist. A dutch contract lawyer can ensure that there are no ambiguities regarding the content and explanation of an agreement. In addition, Forsyte can assist you with any disputes in preventing or limiting damage.

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