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Real Estate Law

Real estate & tenancy law

Forsyte advocaten specializes in real estate and tenancy law. If you are looking for a real estate lawyer or a lawyer specialized in tenancy law you have come to the right place. At the highest level we assist clients in all aspects of tenancy law and in the legal matters involved in the purchase and sale of real estate.

Lawyer tenancy law

The rules that have been laid down regarding the rent and rental of all movable and immovable property are subject to tenancy law. We speak of renting if an agreement has been drawn up in which it is agreed that the landlord, in exchange for rent, makes a property (or part thereof) available to the tenant. Dutch tenancy law makes a distinction between different rental objects which may fall under their own regime with legal rules. For example, the rental regime for living spaces is different than for commercial spaces.

When do you need a lawyer specialized in tenancy law?

When you rent or rent out something, such as a house or business premises, this has legal consequences. Both the tenant and the landlord may be faced with issues where legal assistance is desirable. Think of non-payment, an increase in the rental price, nuisance, subletting and disputes with regard to maintenance obligations. A tenancy lawyer can also assist when the landlord is canceling the rent due to urgent personal use or with drawing up lease agreements. 

Real Estate law

When buying or selling a house or business premises in the Netherlands you will have to deal with dutch real estate law. Real estate law refers to everything that has to do with real estate. As a result, for example, usufruct, mandeligness and mortgage law also fall under real estate law.

When do you need a real estate lawyer?

Almost everyone has to deal with real estate law in his or her life. Consider, for example, drawing up or signing a purchase agreement when purchasing or selling a home. A dutch real estate lawyer can advise you on the content of the purchase agreement and take action in the event of disputes regarding the purchase contract. Forsyte advocaten can also assist you in disputes surrounding easement, hidden defects, liability of the broker or a notary. Finally, a lawyer specializing in real estate can also act in matters relating to the VvE (Association of Owners).


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