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Good news: Forsyte Attorneys are very able in what they do. I had a problem with actualisation superficies and this office (D. Siddiqui) handled this very well. Problem solved.

M.A.G. den Hartog

Forsyte Attorneys made a liability statement for me. It concerned a company that had caused damages and wasn’t willing to compensate. Forsyte reacted very fast and their price was very competitive. As a result the company conceded and their insurance company settled the score. They would not have done this had I tried to solve this matter myself.


Forsyte team are real pro’s and give honest advice. They are adequate in their approach. All they did for us, ended well.

Robbert Wilt

Forsyte Attorneys are friendly, compassionate, realistic, trustworthy and above all: professional.


We had signed an agreement for 48 months, but all went to fast. Thanks to mr. Siddiqui we now have a contract for 12 months and we can live with that. I can recommend them if you have a problem with an agreement.


Adequate support, personal dedication, service minded en clear advice.


To Anyone It May Concern,

With this message I would like to express my gratitude how I am pleased with the serviced provided by Forsyte Advocaten in Rotterdam. At some point during the pandemic I had to face the extreme events, including disrespect, dishonesty, being treated without any sense of equal rights as non Dutch person. Arthur and Simon from Forsyte Advocaten made me believe again that we all are equal, we have not only the same rights but also we need to fulfill the same obligations. What I like the most about their services is: they listen, they put themselves in your shoes, they are honest and direct, they are not the ones who use sugar coating terms when they work. They don’t work for you, they work with you. They look for the best solution suitable to your situation which gives you the feeling your cases is being treated in the very personalized way. I recommend the services of Forsyte Advocaten in full and to Anyone in a need of legal assistance.

Kind Regards, Aleksandra Majkowska

They were a wonderful help. They really are compassionate.


I approached this office with a clear question concerning a large issue. That same day they made extensively clear that an attorney cannot find a solution to my problem. No charge inspite of all their effort. Super!! I most certainly will contact them if necessary.

P. van Driel

Very able attorneys.


From the start I had very good feeling with this office: clear language, friendly and direct action. It gave me confidence in a positive ending. Their approach and feed back was great.


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