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More than a legal partner.

Stand strong in every business conflict with us at your side: before, during and after the legal process. We take care of your worries and challenges with a keen eye for your interests. Choose to partner with a team that believes in you and takes action to overcome your legal challenges and ensure your business success.
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Contract and transaction specialists

The details matter when it comes to important documents and deals. We do the paperwork, you take the big steps towards business success.

Experts in litigation

 Like a fish in water in the courts and tribunals, where everything will be used for optimal results.

External in-house counsel

Proactive and committed service from your all-round (strategic) legal partner.



Challenging the status quo

“That’s just how it works in the legal profession.”

That’s not how it works for us.

We continuously review whether existing practices best serve the interests of our clients, shake up the entrenched profession and expose official abuses.


Our expertise is aimed at fully relieving you as an entrepreneur. All legal assistance under one roof, where necessary through the involvement of our external partner specialists, but always with Forsyte as the point of contact.

Client recommendations


The working method FORSYTE uses





The team


A permanent and trusted point of contact

Does your organization not have its own legal department or do you need extra capacity in your legal department? With our legal expertise we provide constant access and support for your organization.

See us as your business partner. Whatever legal question you have, we are there for you and focus on practical solutions.

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