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Forsyte specializes in corporate legislation in the Netherlands. Companies from various branches have relied on Forsyte lawyers for years. As Dutch corporate law specialists we know exactly what is needed to win your case. We go to great lengths for you and decisiveness, expertise, innovation and commitment characterize our working method.

Do you have a conflict that falls under Dutch jurisdiction? Rely on the expertise of our legal professionals. We handle your issue in an effective and transparent way.

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The Forsyte Philosophy

At Forsyte we continually review whether existing practices serve our client’s interests best.  We are not afraid of shaking up existing patterns and handling untracked paths, if this is in the interest of our client.

That is what we call “challenging the status quo”.

Exploring every opportunity

We specialize in procedural law. Sometimes, however, you do not benefit from an extensive legal investigation. In these cases, negotiation and a practical approach often offer the solution.


We are willing to make a commitment and share the risk: no hourly invoice, but  a fixed-price quote.

Explore all possibilities

We will investigate all possibilities within the Dutch law. We will not stop until we have negotiated a good outcome for you.


You know your business best. We therefore see each other as partners in which we both play our best possible role.

Our Expertise

Our lawyers are experts in advising and litigating for (international) companies and individuals clients.

We specialize in many areas of law including employment law, company law, tenancy law, contract law, legal persons law, bankruptcy law as well as joint ventures, insolvency law, investment law and investment arbitration.

Our Dutch legal specialists always go to great lengths to look after your interests.

Do you have a legal dispute under Dutch jurisdiction?

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