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Employment Law

Employment law

Employment law relates to the relationship between an employer and an employee. As an employment lawyer, we assist both employers and employees in various law disputes.

When do you need a dutch employment lawyer?

When drawing up an employment contract, it is important to obtain professional advice regarding the content of this agreement. The employment contract obliges the employee to perform work under the authority of the employer in exchange for wages. Various disputes may arise between the two contracting parties. An employment lawyer can assist you with matters relating to working conditions, illness, wages, reintegration and regular or instant dismissal.

Advice on termination of the employment contract or dismissal

Terminating an employment contract, even when there is mutual consent, can have far-reaching consequences. Legal obligations, such as notice periods and other formalities, must always be observed in the Netherlands. A dutch employment lawyer can also act in cases of wrongful dismissal or instant dismissal.

Severance pay or transition pay

Under certain circumstances, dutch employees with an employment contract of two years or longer are entitled to a transitional payment upon termination of the employment contract. An employment attorney can advise on the calculation of transition compensation or in disputes arising from involuntary termination or non-continuation of the employment contract.

Non-compete clause en non-solicitation clause

An employment lawyer can advise on the inclusion of a non-compete or non-solicitation clause in the employment contract. A non-solicitation clause prohibits the employee from coming into contact with the employer's relations or customers after leaving employment. A non-comete clause regulates the non-performance of similar activities within a certain period after termination of employment. An employment lawyer  can advise and act in disputes surrounding the non-compete or non-solicitation clause

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