The Forsyte Team

Forsyte Lawyers specializes in litigating in (business) disputes. Lawyers Simon van Zijll and Danish Siddiqui will, as experienced litigation lawyers, assist you in legal proceedings in the Netherlands

We mainly operate in cases concerning corporate (criminal) law, insolvency law, real estate ,rental law, employment law, administrative law, contract law and M&A.

Mr. van Zijll is also part of the small group of lawyers specialized in investment arbitration in the Netherlands.

We are hardcore litigation lawyers and always put the interests of our clients first. If you do not directly benefit from a procedure or extensive legal investigation, our extrajudicial negotiations and practical approach offer a strong solution. We do our utmost for you: decisiveness, expertise, innovation and commitment characterize our working method.

Simon van Zijll

Attorney / managing partner

S. van Zijll is active as attorney-at-law since 2007. He previously worked at NautaDutilh and was a partner at Yuen Law Firm. In 2013, he founded Forsyte Attorneys-at-Law. His mission: challenging the status quo, by providing entrepreneurs with complete legal support. Mr. Van Zijll is part of the small group of lawyers specialised in investment arbitration in the Netherlands. Simon also has extensive expertise in corporate law, commercial litigation and real estate law, among other things.

Faya Amien


F. Amien graduated in financial law from Leiden University. Additionally, has she also accumulated knowledge of international law at Duke University. After completing her studies, she worked as a contract specialist at a large, international publishing company. Eventually did she make the switch to the legal profession. She now as a lawyer assists the enterprising clients of Forsyte Advocaten with her knowledge and experience.

Danish Siddiqui


D. Siddiqui is a graduate of the VU Amsterdam. He has been with Forsyte since 2016. Mr. Siddiqui is a passionate lawyer for whom the client's interests always come first. No matter how big or small the case is, Danish goes to great lengths, within the possibilities of the law, to negotiate the most optimal outcome. He specialises in corporate law, tenancy law, real estate law, financial-economic criminal law and litigation.

Godiva Sjambar


G. Sjambar assists the office colleagues as a legal assistant. With her studies in International & European Law, she adds meaningful contributions to our international clients' files. She has also shown in the years of working as a sales advisor and supervisor that she goes the extra mile to optimally satisfy clients, which is why she is a perfect fit for the Forsyte team.

Arthur du Crocq

Manager Operations

A. du Crocq MA, as management consultant SME, assists entrepreneurs with his years of management experience in business. Where entrepreneurs have disputes, he thinks along with the lawyers about possible solutions that can prevent going to court. In many cases, the combination of his knowledge of SMEs and his creative and solution-oriented attitude ensures that the entrepreneur can return to fulltime business sooner than he or she expects.

Furthermore, does Arthur du Crocq ensure the effective and efficient management of Forsyte Lawyers. Consequently to his input does the team stay in close contact with the client, are deadlines widely met and does the client always receive the top level of quality he or she is used to from Forsyte Lawyers.

Kadriye Yasar

Kadriye Yasar


K. Yasar graduated at the University of Tilburg and is specialised in labor law, liability law, contract law, administrative law and penal law.During her academic study she worked as a personal coach in several forensic institutions and to get a professional level in her work she completed a course in Social Pedagogical Assistence on college level. Nor oridnary background for a lawyer, but this shows her ambition, drive and versatility.
With her pitbull mentality she goes the extra mile for her clients.

With her background, her indepth knowledge of Middel Eastern cultures and het fluency in the Turkish language she is a asset to our team.