Simon van Zijll advocaat Forsyte

Simon van Zijll

Corporate law, procedural law, real estate law and international investment law and arbitration

Mr. S.W. van Zijll has been a lawyer since 2007. He previously worked at NautaDutilh and as a partner at Yuen Law Firm. In 2013 he founded Forsyte advocaten. His mission: challenging the status quo by offering entrepreneurs complete legal support at transparent fixed prices. Simon van Zijll is also part of the small group of investment lawyers specialized in investment arbitration in the Netherlands. Mr. Van Zijll has extensive expertise in corporate law, procedural law and real estate law.

Danish Siddiqui advocaat

Danish Siddiqui

Corporate law, financial and economic criminal law, tenancy law and procedural law

Mr. D.A. Siddiqui graduated from the VU University in Amsterdam in 2017. He has been affiliated with Forsyte since 2016 and was sworn in as a lawyer in the Rotterdam district in 2018. Mr. Siddiqui is a passionate lawyer for whom the client's interests are always number one. No matter how big or small the case is MR. Siddiqui goes to great lengths (within the possibilities of the law) to negotiate the most optimal outcome for the client. Mr. Siddiqui specializes in financial and economic criminal law, tenancy law, corporate law and litigation.

Manon Verrips - Forsyte advocaten

Manon Verrips

Tenancy law, corporate law and debt collection, attachment and execution

Manon Verrips is a very passionate legal assistant. She uses her knowledge and skills to support Forsyte's lawyers and for the benefit of the client. Dutch law is complex and complicated. The aim of Manon is therefore to support individuals but especially entrepreneurs in understanding and applying the law. This enables them to take the right steps and make clear agreements to prevent conflicts in the future. Manon is an all-round legal assistant with a special focus on corporate law, contract law and tenancy law.

Khadija Agha - Forsyte

Khadija Agha

Tenancy law, labor law, contract law

Legal assistant Khadija Agha has an important supporting role within Forsyte. Khadija focuses in particular on preparing matters within tenancy law, employment law and contract law. Part of this is carrying out an accurate file investigation, assessing legal issues and testing the evidence.

Ubeyde Tekinbas - Forsyte

Ubeyde Tekinbas

Labor law, administrative law, company law, privacy and migration law.

Ubeyde Tekinbas obtained his bachelor's degree in Law at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam in 2018. After following an exchange program in Ankara he now specializes in Commercial & Company Law and Dutch Law. Ubeyde is an experienced legal adviser with work experience in the legal world and business. Within Forsyte he focuses mainly on labor and corporate law, administrative law and privacy and migration law.

Sifra van Esch - Forsyte advocaten

Sifra van Esch

Business Development Manager

As a business development manager, Sifra focuses on progress and optimizing performance within Forsyte. She contributes to the development, implementation and optimization of the Forsyte strategy and enables optimal support of Forsyte customers.