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What we do

Some examples of what we do:

Due dilegence inquiry

An entrepeneur wants to buy a company. With a due diligence inquiry we check all possible risks and consequently minimize them.

Non disclosure agreement NDA

Everybody who works for this entrepreneur has signed a non disclosure agreement. When two of them breached the terms of the contract we act.

Real estate law

This client had a restaurant that flourished for years and even survived the pandemic. The owner of the building however has other plans and wants him out. He lost his case in court and came to us. We are going to appeal the verdict and make sure this restaurant will be open for many years to come.


Who better to trust than your own family when you want to start your own business and expand. Still, some things can go wrong and the company has to be divided among the shareholders. We will handle this painfull process with the utmost care.


When you start a company together and after a while you start having different opinions on policy, it is best to sell your partner your shares. We make sure he will receive a good price.

Rental law

A professional tenant is overdue with his payments and disappears. Clearly he has done this before and on behalf of different creditors we will chase him down.

Employment law

One of our international clients wants to dissolve an employment contract with one of their employees in the south of Europe. Fortunately we have knowledge of international employment law, because the law in the south of Europe is not the same as in the Netherlands.

Contract law

Two entrepreneurs want to rebuild their place of business to start a new enterprise. However the building contractor doesn’t do what they agreed on and after several warnings they break with him and hire someone who makes sure the enterprise opens before deadline. Now the first building contractor sues them and wants to be paid in full!! We will make sure this will not happen.

Employment law

A fast growing enterprise wants us to check all employments contracts and protocols on liability and risks. We will make sure they will be updated

Know Your Customer KYC

One of our regular customers has grown fast over the last few years and the bank wonders if the organization has grown in the same pace. So together with the company management we will write a businessplan in which we analyse the company and market and define goals for the near future. We will also make accommodations. Company management and bank will be satisfied.

Rental law

Due to bad maintenance to his building our client stopped paying the rent. Not a very good idea (no advice of ours) and the owner now threatens him with eviction. However, this was not done by the book and we will put a stop to this. Our client will win and the maintenance to the building will be updated.

Investment abroad

Recognise this? Investing in a sustainable project in a country far away and huge profits are guaranteed. Very tempting and one of our clients went for it. Halas, he lost his money. The company went bust and the owners got rich. We will hold them accountable before court. Even if they fled out of Dutch jurisdiction.

Employment law

Our client has worked to anyone’s satisfaction for a great many years as a manager, but a new board means new rules. Without any hesitation he gets sacked and even has to pay the company a large sum of money. He lost his day in court, but now we are going to defend him and we are going to appeal the verdict. Justice will be served.

International arbitrage

A Dutch entrepreneur buys a company in Africa and after some years his business is flourishing. Then the government of that country steps in and kills his business. Fortunately our owner (S.W. van Zijll) is an expert on international arbitration and we asses his damage and prepare a complex international trial.


Our client (who lives abroad and not a Duch citizen) was robbed by his Dutch partners of his intellectual property. Quite a complex matter as his product is sold all over the world, but we made the evidence stick. The judge ruled in his favor and he was granted a substantial compensation. However he didn’t receive payment in full. So we will have to proceed further. Justice will be served.


A family quarrel escalated and the damage was substantial. We cannot do a lot about the immaterial damage, but our client will be compensated.

Criminal law

In getting her new company financed our client made some mistakes. She is being accused of fraud and moneylaundering, but we will bring this case back to its real proportions.


Our client is a franchisee of a large organisation and all of a sudden is being charged with extra costs. No agreement, no line of reasoning, nothing. We will defend his interests, preferably out of court. But if we have to………..


A UK-citizen who lives in the Netherlands on a regular basis trading in crypto-currency finds himself under suspicion of money laundering. Grossly unfounded and we can and will prove that. But now our client is working for an international humanitarian organisation and has diplomatic immunity. What does that mean for this case. We will find out.


One of our loyal customers is owner of a large hotel. The current tenant is leaving and for quite some time he negotiated with a possible new tenant. Out of the blue this new party backs off and our client foresees vacancy of his property, loss of turnover and damage of image. No agreement was signed, but that doesn’t really matter. When expectations are raised parties build up rights. We will stand by our client in his claim for compensation.

And this is only a small selection of our files. We will update this on a regular basis.

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